Man Fights Entire Group At A Pool In Best Brawl Video Of The Year

Ladies and gentlemen, the best brawl video of the year might have hit the web.

There are few things that get the internet talking more than a great fight video. People just can't get enough, and the latest one going viral is an absolute doozy.

The X account @barstoolecu tweeted a video of a dude going against at least five other guys by my count…..and he fought to a draw at a minimum. Depending on how you score it, there's an argument to be made he actually won. Yes, he was outnumbered at least 5:1 and fought to a draw at a minimum. It's unclear what sparked the melee, but it kicked off after some words were exchanged.

You can watch the insane carnage unfold below, and hit me with your thoughts at

Insane fight video goes viral.

Was I right or was I right? That fight video is without question one of the best we've ever seen. That guy was outnumbered, faced terrible odds and was throwing strikes like was auditioning for a shot in the UFC.

The reactions online are also absolutely incredible.

There are so many great things about this video, but the most underrated part nobody seems to be talking about is the guy who exited before it started.

He could tell the situation was spiraling in the wrong direction, and very smartly decided to put one foot in front of the other and leave. Did he hit a vape on his way out? Just a majestic situation start to finish.

Some of the best advice I ever got from someone who killed a lot of people in combat was to never mess with people you don't know. It rarely ends well. You simply don't know what people are capable of. This man went one on five and dusted them. One on five!

Also, shoutout to the lady who filmed it with the most annoying reactions imaginable. Don't make yourself the story! Hit me with your reactions at

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