Polish Instagram Model Sells Her 'Digital Love' As An NFT For A Crazy Price

In case you need further proof that the world has lost its collective mind, along comes the story of Polish Instagram model Marta Rentel, who came up with the bright idea to package her "digital love" and sell it as a nonfungible token, which is now known today as an NFT.

What's the digital love of an Instagram model worth these days? Someone paid $250,000 and now the lucky buyer will get to go on ONE date with Marta, according to the New York Post, which also notes that Marta has already laid down some ground rules on this whole digital love thing. This won't be a date with the physical Marta Rentel. It will be a date with her Internet identity, Marti Renti.

“Nothing on the internet is physical, it’s a part of my online persona,” she told the website Insider.com.

Marta also adds that her Internet name is a digital version of her real name and is "coming from the parallel world where the internet is my stage."

Where is all this wackiness coming from in Marta's brain? We have to go back to her inspiration -- Salvatore Garau, the Italian artist who sold an invisible sculpture as an NFT for $18,000 back in May. The Polish Internet model came up with a money-making idea and has all sorts of prose in her head to explain it.

"For me, selling digital love is empowering for women because we can love without compromising our freedom and individuality," she told Insider.

Hold up a minute. Is this some sort of money-laundering case? Is this just some way for Mexican drug lord Juan to legitimize $250,000 in weed money? Or is there really a legit fool out there willing to be separated from his money via one dinner and the bragging rights to Marta/Marti's digital love? My head is in a pretzel right now.

I know this world is bizarre, but I also know from working on the Internet that there are numerous money-making expeditions like guys in Somalia claiming they found a diamond reserve and they just need the seed money to buy the equipment to dig up the 800-carat rock.

It's probably best for us normal guys to just stick to the old-fashioned route of hitting up a dive bar and hoping the woman of our dreams walks in for a Natty Light draft.

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