Police Officer Delivers Order After DoorDash Driver Gets Arrested

You never know what's going to happen when you order food through a delivery service. The driver could eat your food or kick your order after delivering it. They could even get arrested on the way to your house.

Sounds crazy, but the driver getting arrested is exactly what happened to a TikTok user named Amanda. Instead of having her DoorDash driver deliver her food, the delivery was completed by a police officer.

The TikToker shared the doorbell camera footage of the officer arriving with her Wendy's order. She captioned the video, "What a sweet pea. I was wondering what was taking so long! lmao."

The video of the special delivery has been viewed almost 7 million times. It also had plenty of reactions in the comment section.

The recipient of the police officer's delivery admitted in a reply to one of the comments, that she thought the driver had taken off with her food.

She said, "It took so long I thought she ran off with my food. Then here come the police. lmfao."

Arrested DoorDash Drivers Is Becoming A Thing

Surprisingly, and maybe a sign of where we are as a society, this isn't the first time this has happened. Back in January a video showing a police officer delivering an Arby's order went viral.

In that instance the delivery driver was also arrested while on their way to deliver food. To date that video has been viewed more than 22 million times.

There has to be more examples of this new form of serving the public. It would be awesome to find out what the delivery drivers were arrested for. Is this a traffic stop gone wrong situation or what?

Whatever the case, these likely won't be the last orders delivered by police officers.

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