Playboy Playmate Says She's Too Hot To Go To The Doctor

Life as a smoking hot Playboy Playmate isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sure there are perks to the job and being able to grow a large social media following can be very profitable. The days of the subscription-based model have taken those to new heights.

But what happens when the social media lights are off and a Playboy Playmate model is trying to live everyday life? For Austrian model Conny Hawk it's a constant battle. There's a seemingly nonstop line of guys shooting their shot. She claims to she's hit on as much as 20 times a day.

20 times a day is well over a hundred times a week. That's a crazy amount of times Conny is turning dudes down. It's surprising that she hasn't resorted to wearing armor and holding a shield to deflect all of the attention. Maybe a shirt or sign on her forehead that says "NO" would be the way to go.

Things are to the point that she says she can't even go to the doctor without some unwanted attention. The attention isn't coming from fellow patients either. The doctors can't help themselves in her presence.

She says she went to the hospital due to an allergic reaction and had to deal with a doctor shooting his shot. Conny said of the experience, "Once I had to go to hospital because I had an allergic reaction and the doctor treating me started hitting on me."

"My ears were super swollen and red, I looked awful. As he was flirting with me I was just thinking, 'Jeesh, how is this possible?'"

Playboy Playmates Play A Lot Of Defense

If the doctor was hoping she would return at a later date for checkup, even if she turned down his advances, then he was sadly mistaken. While she didn't file a complaint, she has no plans on ever returning to that doctor.

"I didn't end up complaining about the doctor but I definitely won't be going back there," she added.

It's hard out there for Playmates. Being too hot to go to the doctor isn't something you're likely told about when you decide to venture down the career path. Be normal people, do your creeping on social media.