Playboy Model Claims She's Too Hot To Find A Date -- You Make The Call

Life just isn't as easy as you think for the hot Instagram and Playboy models of the world.

Take California-based Playboy model Elizabeth Marie Chevalier. She's making the rounds this week within the tabloid media after claiming she's so sexy that it's incredibly difficult to find a man to date that's not intimidated by her hotness.

“Dating is hard – guys are scared because I’m so beautiful,” Chevalier said during an interview with Jam Press. Elizabeth claims that guys don't know how to handle her “because I’m tall – I’m 5-foot-10 – and I’m beautiful and I have a very intense personality.”

The $3.50 per month OnlyFans model wishes guys would give her a chance because she's “actually very sweet and loving, so if they took the time to get to know me they would realize that.”

Chevalier claims that she goes on dates where guys either can't get a word out at dinner or they come off as "too cocky and self-obsessed."

In other words, it's a very tough market out there for this Maxim, Playboy and OnlyFans model. She even claims it's hard to go out because women think she's trying to steal their boyfriends and there have been confrontations.

As for the perfect guy, Ms. Chevalier claims she wants a "strong but silent" assassin who checks off the tall, dark and handsome boxes and he needs to have green eyes.

It's unclear if the green eyes thing is a deal-breaker or not.

First of all, let's all try to send out positive thoughts to Elizabeth during this difficult time in her life. Then, let's get down to some analysis:

• Things we didn't learn from Ms. Chevalier is what kind of net worth are we talking for this guy she's looking for. are we talking nine figures? Will mid-eight-figures work? Is it OK if he has to go to an office to work? What if he can't fly around the world seven months out of the year to fill up her content bucket?

In an interview with Maxim, Chevalier says she has a B.S. in Biology (says she loves "the science of evolution), grew up "extremely" Catholic, enjoys sitting in bed watching YouTube videos, is "obsessed with dogs," loves sweets, she has a skydiving license and is working on getting her motorcycle license.

• Now we're getting somewhere, darlin'! There are at least 10 topics right there that a single guy can focus on that don't have to do with first-date sex. As a married guy, I could coach these jabronis through at least 20 questions that would have the conversation going all night long until the goodnight hug.

• The first question: "What do you think about spending weekends at home watching football and whipping together Crockpot meaty bean dips?"

• Study that question. It's going to break the ice and tell you immediately if she's capable of hanging or if she needs to always live the fast life. Sure, you're willing to throw in exotic trips to visit the tame pigs in the Bahamas from time to time. But she has to be down with dark, rainy Crockpot meaty bean dip weekends.

• Fellas, that's a question you should be using on all first dates. Complete ice breaker. They're either going to light up and be reminded of kick-ass weekends with their dads screaming at the TV or they're going to cringe and it's time for you to move on.

The more I analyze the situation, it's starting to sound like Elizabeth is looking for a financially loaded, tatted-up gym rat meathead who owns rental buildings and has a high IQ to go along with green eyes.

One of you guys needs to slide into the DMs and ask the million-dollar question and then email me her response.


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