Phoenix Hotel Fulfills Customer's Odd Brendan Fraser Request

While some people out there dream of hitting a Wheel of Fortune slot machine to the tune of $2 million so they can pay off the house, the lake trailer, the boat & the UTV in the bar, there are others with weird dreams like getting a hotel to leave a photo of Brendan Fraser in the room as a special request.

Meet Mike Moe, the guy whose Brendan Fraser finally came true after spending "years" trying to get a hotel to fulfill his odd room request.

"For years I have been booking hotels with the 'extra note/equest' option fill in of 'please put a picture of Brendan Fraser from the 1999 movie The Mummy in the room,'" Mike writes.

That's right, the guys spent years working on this bit and stayed true through dark days when hotels kept ignoring his request. And then along came the DoubleTree Phoenix Mesa who was ready to play ball with Moe's request.

Moe announced last week that his stay and weekend trip was a "success" in an Instagram post where he posed with the Fraser pic in the DoubleTree lobby.

"We are so glad our team could help make your dream come true," DoubleTree's corporate Twitter account wrote back to their new best friend.

Look, after years of hotels and airlines being destroyed on social media for all sorts of issues, it's refreshing to see Moe's dream come true. Is it odd? Not to Mike.

This guy's smile says it all. He saw a lane with the special request field in an online hotel booking and ran with it. This should serve as a reminder to all of us that we just need to fully commit to the bit and then keep pushing forward.

Whether it's a mowing league (my thing) or Mike's Fraser thing, it's good to see people cash in victories here and there.

If these hotels are going to destroy your soul with travel nightmares, the least they could do here and there is to fulfill one of your really special requests no matter how odd they might be.

Mike's not even the first person to come up with this odd request idea. There have been others. You might want to start thinking about challenging your kids this summer to come up with odd requests you can leave for the hotel staff. Think of it as a challenge that the whole family can enjoy.

In 2016, a customer's Jeff Goldblum request was fulfilled by a Santa Monica hotel, and here's a special Snoop Dogg & cats request from 2018.

Never give up!

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