Philly Morning News Weather Anchor Gets Raunchy On St. Patrick's Day

That's one way to get higher ratings in the morning.

ABC-6 Philadelphia meteorologist Karen Rogers is making big news today after claiming early this morning that her co-worker, Jessica Boyington, who handles the traffic reports, "likes to be double fisted."

Yeah, I know, that's quite a declaration out of Karen.

"And to another woman who likes to be double-fisted, in a different way, I think, Jess, (laugh)," Karen says before throwing it over to the traffic desk.'re going viral. That's how this works, Karen.

Clearly understanding the magnitude of such a statement, Boyington immediately went into explanation mode.

"She means beer...she means beer," Jess pleaded.

"She means beer don't put me on YouTube, my god," Boyington continued. "Yeah, we're going to take a pause."

Too late. Philly was up early this morning preparing to get hammered drunk and viewers were rewarded with an incredible piece of content.

Great job ladies. This is how you get a drunk fest holiday started properly.

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