Petey Pablo Turns Up North Carolina Wedding With Epic Performance For Married Couple's Super Lit Entrance

Justin and Darnella Miller had the most North Carolina wedding possible. It was extremely lit and they have rapper Petey Pablo to thank.

Pablo, who is from Greenville, always reps hard for the Tar Heel State. His 2001 smash hit 'Raise Up' includes the famous line:


The Millers got married over Labor Day weekend and they couldn't be a more happy couple.

After exchanging vows, saying "I Do," and sealing things with a kiss, it was time for the reception. Petey Pablo was in attendance and took things up a notch.

With all of their guests in place, a familiar base line and snare drum started to play over the speaker.

As they did, Petey Pablo hopped on the mic and welcomed everybody to North Carolina. The entire place was bumping when Justin and Darnella entered the room. And those in attendance were waiving towels around their head like a helicopter— just as the song says to do.

A full-blown dance party ensued as Petey Pablo had everyone out of their seats.

The North Carolina bride was understandably ecstatic following the performance

"This past weekend I got to marry my best friend and college sweetheart. We met at Saint Augustine University, and made a home together here in NC. Although the majority of our friends and families are from out of town we wanted to welcome them to the place we found love and call home the best way we know how," Darnella said. "The surprise entrance with the legendary Petey Pablo was EPIC 🔥🔥🔥 and we are forever grateful for you being a part of the big day and making it one for the books! We explained the #comingtocarolina theme so many times but it really hit home once Petey Pablo went crazyyyy and brought the performance to life!"

It is unclear as to whether Petey Pablo was hired to perform or if he knew the couple and was part of the wedding party. Either way, it could not have been any cooler. RAISE UP!