PETA Throws A Fit Over Bull Stunt In Bryan Cranston's 'Your Honor'

PETA isn't too happy with Bryan Cranston over a stunt in "Your Honor."

The hit Showtime show returned this past weekend, and the season two premiere featured a scene of prisoners playing convict poker (also known as cowboy poker).

The premise is simple. Guys sit around a table dealing cards as a bull runs around trying to light them up. It's a real thing people actually do, and the last person to run to safety wins.

A special behind the scenes look at the moment in the premiere revealed a real bull was used in a highly-controlled environment.

Well, PETA didn't like that at all and blasted out an email criticizing the moment, and there's a real doozy of a line.

"With all of Hollywood’s tools at his disposal, Bryan Cranston could easily have insisted on CGI instead of abusing a live bull. This stunt smacks of macho posturing, and PETA is calling on Cranston to recognize that real men are kind men and that he should act like one," PETA associate director Lauren Thomasson told people as if the opinion of the organization matters.

PETA also released a lengthy statement bemoaning the fact a real animal was used.

PETA is incredibly annoying.

Are we sure PETA watched the same BTS clip the rest of us did? It's clear that the set of "Your Honor" was controlled the entire time.

That bull was never in danger, and pros were handling the situation. What's the beef (no pun intended)? Is PETA so cringe the organization's stance is you can't use real animals for anything cool? If so, that's absurd.

It'd be one thing if animals were being tortured, but that's not the case here at all. You know what bulls like to do? Run around all amped up looking for problems. I know that because I've seen plenty in my life.

In this situation, it was a controlled environment with an animal more or less doing what it wanted. There's literally no problem. Yet, PETA apparently hates fun and great television.

It was an epic moment in the show, no animals were hurt and if you have a problem, that's your issue. So, go ahead and keep throwing a tantrum, PETA. Nobody cares.

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