Pentagon's 2010 Report On UFO Sightings Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Remember when everyone laughed at Baker Mayfield for claiming he saw a UFO drop out of the sky one night on his way home from dinner with his wife? Think what you want about the guy as a capable NFL quarterback, but don't you even think about questioning the gunslinger about UFO sightings.

This stuff is real and it's so real that the Pentagon has been sitting on research into these UFOs since at least 2010 when the government intelligence officers were collecting nightmare fuel evidence of UFO sightings leading to health effects like radiation burns, PARALYSIS, and even brain damage in some cases, according to newly released documents.

Still laughing at the Browns' lame-duck quarterback?

According to this declassified document, there were encounters with UFOs, sightings of ghosts, yetis and spirits. That's right, that crap you talk about around a fire pit with your buddies while suckin' down a case of beer after clearing brush all day is actually stuff the government has been writing up in reports for years.

A study entitled "Anomalous Acute And Subacute Field Effects on Human and Biological Tissues" includes reports on physiological effects experienced by people who have come in contact with UFOs.

Let's face it, the government might want to start thinking about studying Baker Mayfield's brain after his encounter. Don't laugh. The guy went from completing 63% of his passes in 2020 and going on a mini-run in the NFL playoffs (a Wild Card win on the road over the Steelers) to an incompetent quarterback in 2021 who ultimately led the Browns to go throw a huge pile of money at a guy who was coming off two dozen sexual assault allegations.

Here are the stats from the 2010 Pentagon report:

129 apparent abductions

77 electromagnetic effects on vehicles

75 perceived time loss

41 burns

23 electrical shocks

18 force field impacts

5 sexual encounters

Good luck sleeping tonight. A UFO could land on your house and send radiation beams through your Owens Corning roof shingles. Don't say you weren't warned.

Baker tried to set off the alarm bells. You weren't listening.

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