Penn State Releases 'Chad Powers' Merch

Penn State's newest sensation, quarterback Chad Powers, is getting the merch treatment. But he won't get a cut of the money as part of an NIL deal.

That's because he doesn't exist...

...also he's Eli Manning.

If you haven't seen the clip of Manning going undercover as prospective Penn State walk-on Chad Powers (who also kind of looks like early1970s Joe Walsh), here ya go.

It's a great bit, and it has gotten a lot of attention. Justifiably so.

All that attention means people need to wet their beaks somehow. Penn State is doing just that, and can you blame them?

Those things are going to sell like absolute hotcakes. Why hotcakes are the ultimate measuring stick for something that sells is a discussion for another day.

They're great shirts and -- if you're in the vicinity of Happy Valley -- they might be worth picking up. You can give them to relatives for Christmas, at which point no one will remember who or what a Chad Powers is. Everyone will be like, "is he an actor?" and then someone else will have to google it and find the video.

Then you watch it and it's like the first time you saw Eli pull one over on the Nittany Lions all over again.

Only this time you'll have the shirt to match. It's like magic.

That, or you could wait until others do and start reselling them. It'll probably just be a matter of days — or hours — before they wind up on eBay fetching large sums of money that border on extortionate.

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