Paulina Gretzky Fires Up Instagram, Britney Is Just Plain Fired Up, Plus Sad Michigan Fan Lost A Basketball Game

It turns out, Screencaps readers have many topics they'd like to cover. I just needed to ask

Here's how we're going to do this: I'm going to throw out the topic suggestions made by readers and then you guys fire back responses. Just make sure to include your topic in the subject line so I can keep track of all the responses that pour in.

We're heading into Thanksgiving week and I have some travel plans, so hang with me as I try to keep Screencaps organized over the next 10 days. I'm going to use a few of the topics this morning, save some for Thursday, etc., etc. You get the idea. Don't worry, your topic suggestion will get its turn.

• Let's start with Jess in Alabama who writes:

So you asked for topic suggestions, and I’ve got one I was already thinking about sending before you asked (mostly because of all the grill talk & food posts):

What’s the best rub? Could be homemade or store-bought?

I prefer to make mine, but there are obviously some great store-bought ones, as well (love Butt Rub).

One for bone-in center-cut pork: Spanish paprika, coriander, dry mustard, cumin, brown sugar, fennel, salt & pepper.

• Next up is Paul B. who needs to finish off some Christmas shopping and could use some advice:

Looking into ideas for Xmas gifts for the girlfriend. I was settling on getting her an outdoor pizza oven…these suckers are not cheap, (prices starting around $350)! We like to cook together so I think the gift is spot on for her…wondering what the Outkick followers suggest for pizza ovens.

There are a lot of choices! Wood burning…gas-burning…dual fuel. Or, do we just order Dominos? We are in Minnesota…how are they to use in the winter months? I would like to hear what Outkick-nation thinks on this one!

• Chris W. in Victor, New York came to the right place to get lawnmower suggestions. This should lead to 50 emails. I'll predict Beau in Toledo fires off an email by lunchtime:

A good off-season Screencaps topic: Lawnmower suggestions. I’m in the market for a new mower. I had a JD L120 for 17 years, just crapped out on me this fall. Looking for price vs quality, zero turn vs regular mower, John Deere vs everyone else.

Need help from the TNML crew for suggestions. I have a little under 3/4 of an acre to mow, back yard is a small incline. Would love to hear suggestions from the gang!

• Sean C. sent in a topic that needs to be addressed immediately because it's time-sensitive material:

When to put up Christmas decorations/lights and how long to leave them up:
I’m strictly at Thanksgiving Weekend to Right After New Years Day kinda guy (at the most). My girlfriend wants them up as soon as possible and would probably leave them up until St Patrick’s Day if she had the choice.

Now I understand that for us in the Midwest, weather can play a factor in that time frame with outdoor lights. And even if I had to wait for the snow or ice to clear so I can take outdoor lights down, I just won’t turn them on past Jan 1. But Christmas trees are coming down by New Years.

(Yes, I have an artificial tree. I was always a real tree guy as a kid, but I’m all for artificial as an adult. I have arborvitae trees in the yard all year, so I’m good not having one in the house).


• Full disclosure: Last night, I started bringing Christmas items out of the attic and even put up the wreath on the outside of the house, but didn't turn it on. Again, I'll be out of town for part of next week and that massive Michigan-Ohio State game looms over Thanksgiving weekend. My plan is to get all of this Christmas stuff out, get the lights up this week, put the tree up (no decorations) and be all prepared so that I'm not rushing around on Black Friday when there are approximately 30 college football games to watch.

In conclusion, I'm turning into a guy who preps the week before Thanksgiving, but we don't flip the switch until after Thanksgiving.

As for taking down the outside lights, the first near 32-degree day after January 1 is the dream scenario. As fast as possible and preferably with beer involved.

• Ok, so there are four topics you guys can hammer away at today to keep you busy. There are more to come. Again, get your topics in, get them answered, get smarter about the world, have some fun, make smart purchases. That's what we're all about with Screencaps. This isn't just some post by a guy in Ohio trying to act like he knows everything. Screencaps has the power of tens of thousands of Americans (probably some Canadians in there as well) who're ready to be of service.


• Cameron H. in Kentucky has huge Ohio license plate news to share:

A friend of mine lives in Cinci.  His friend just got new plates.  Ohio representing.

• I know you guys are fully invested in lumber reports, so I couldn't get this tweet into Screencaps fast enough. We're not back to '19-'20 prices, but it is true that lumber is stabilizing heading into '22. Pass the word!

• Georgia grad & US Marine veteran Bill W., who also notes that he's a "degenerate gambler," writes:

I read screencaps just about every morning - a little guilty pleasure for sure.

I love the mix of sports, women, food, and the old-school Vegas pics.  It's the perfect combination for me. 

Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work.

• From time to time, I'll hear from readers who mention all the Vegas photos. The reason I post so many is that the photos bring back such great memories for so many of us. Some of my early Vegas memories aren't from traveling to the desert. I remember my grandparents the 'gifts' my grandparents would bring back from their trips to Bob Stupak's Vegas World. Grandpa would have little mini-TVs, radios, pots and pans, cards, dice.

And the Vegas World advertisements that would arrive in the mail were insane. Here's this Bob guy with his very own casino where he gives out mini-TVs to my grandpa. AMAZING!

Then, in 1989, my parents rented an RV and we traveled across the west for about three weeks and one of the stops was the Circus Circus RV lot. That was my introduction to Las Vegas and it was just as awesome as I'd imagined.

In 1990, my parents decided we needed to go back and this time it was to the newly opened Excalibur, which had a lower-level arcade on Mark McGwire PEDs.

That's why you see so many Vegas photos. There have been so many good and bad memories from Vegas over the years including the time a few years ago I was on a Wild Turkey media trip where us Internet Big Js were supposed to play soccer while wearing massive bubble suits in the Hard Rock parking lot. I must've sucked down a dozen Wild Turkeys the night before at the World Kickball Championships kickoff party and needless to say that wasn't a smart decision.

Again, good and bad memories.

• And with that, let's go out there and have a great November 17.


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