Paulina Gretzky Finds A Way To Beat The Cold In A Bikini

Paulina Gretzky definitely isn't fazed by some cold weather sweeping across the country.

It's nearing the end of January, and as we all know, people are bundling up in large chunks of the USA attempting to stay warm.

Paulina Gretzky just isn't one of them. In fact, she's going in the exact opposite direction. The daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky is, in fact, wearing a bikini for a little R&R to keep her spirits high as the cold weather comes rolling in.

Paulina Gretzky remains a content star.

It feels like it's been a decade or more since Paulina Gretzky really became a star online. She's a true veteran of the content game.

Does it help her dad is the greatest hockey player ever? Sure, but Dustin Johnson's wife didn't just use her name to get to the top of the mountain.

She did it by grinding it out. Early mornings. Late nights. That's the key to success in life, and apparently, she even knows how to beat a cold front.

Paulina Gretzky had a monster 2022. She finally got married to Dustin Johnson after being together for years, and definitely didn't slow down on Instagram.

While it's definitely still early in 2023, it certainly looks like Paulina is hellbent on carrying her momentum through the new year.

It'd be shocking if she had it any other way. Her style is to crank this up to 100 and just ride with it.

Props to one of the original OGs for refusing to quit. That's a work ethic and spirit we can all get behind.

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