Paulina Gretzky Discusses DJ's Reaction To Playboy Offer On Latest Podcast Appearance

Paulina Gretzky, who went years without doing any sort of media, is starting to become a treasured guest within the podcast world as she shares more and more details of her life as Dustin Johnson's baby mama and Wayne's oldest daughter. Now 32 and apparently on her way to marriage at some point this year, Paulina seems to be an open book who is willing to talk about just about anything.

This week, she appeared on the Pillows and Beer podcast with Southern Charm reality show stars Austin Kroll and Craig Conover (no clue who these guys are, but your wife/girlfriend probably does.) The trio covered a few headline-creating topics, including Wayne's take on his daughter's Instagram production and the time Playboy approached her about posing in the magazine.

"No, Wayne Gretzky is not shielding his eyes every time he logs onto social media. The haters are like, 'Wayne would be so upset.' I’m like… 'My dad is not looking at my Instagram right now.' My dad is like, ‘I love you.’ He’s just not,” Gretzky told the reality stars.

OK, that's settled. What's next? How about the Playboy thing?

Paulina says the magazine came knocking years ago when she first started dating the current No. 1 golfer in the world. Playboy was still an important magazine, Hugh Hefner was still alive, and Wayne's daughter apparently didn't immediately tell talent scouts 'no' when she was approached. That's when, according to Paulina, DJ stepped in and told her he'd put up whatever money the magazine was going to pay her if she turned down Playboy.

The rest is history. She never appeared in the magazine, and now the couple has two kids.


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