Paulina Gretzky Checks In Again From The Slopes

Tired of the Paulina Gretzky content? Google Analytics says otherwise, so that means I'm getting out of bed on a Saturday morning to give the readers what they want. I was thinking about the Paulina craze over the last week and wondering if there was a piece of Paulina content you guys won't click on.

Paulina picking her nose? Paulina shoveling snow in sweats and a hoodie while wearing a COVID mask? Paulina eating lunch at Wendy's? Paulina in line at the BMV? Paulina installing new baseboards in the basement that her and DJ painted on a Friday night (like my wife and I did last night)?

You maniacs would click on all of that. Clay asked me during a radio appearance this week why that is. Why do you guys click, click, click? I think it's the confluence of several things: looks, Wayne, DJ, wealth, her living a life you'd only achieve by hitting the Mega Millions on a ticket purchased at a drive-thru while grabbing a sixer of Bud Light Lemonade tall boys.

I've been doing this a long time and it's not like Paulina hasn't been around the Internet the last decade. She's been right here doing pretty much the same thing for all those years. Even so, she's the modern day queen of pageviews. A professor out there should present his/her class with a thinkpiece on why she continues to be so fascinating to Internet users.

Now, let's get to Paulina's latest content with a deep caption: "Some people are worth melting for."


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