Paul Pierce Gifted Birthday Cake Featuring A Stripper

Paul Pierce apparently has some wild friends.

The former Boston Celtics star turned 45 last week, and for his big day, his friends got him a cake featuring a stripper dancing in the background and his famous "Monica come through" line from a live stream with adult entertainers.

For those of you who live under a rock, Paul Pierce lost his job at ESPN after he live streamed himself partying with some strippers back in 2021, and while I won't comment on ESPN getting rid of him, the video was hilarious.

Of all the great internet moments we've had over the years in the world of sports, there are few that beat Pierce's infamous live stream.

Paul Pierce went viral in 2021 for live streaming a party with strippers.

Clearly, his friends didn't forget the epic moment back in 2021 because there's no doubt that's what this is probably tied to.

It's either that or Paul just loves adult dancers so much his friends made a cake featuring one for the hell of it.

Either way, it's more content gold from the retired NBA champion and former ESPN pundit. Seriously, look at the print on this sheet cake and tell me it's not absolutely hilarious. It's just not possible.

Pierce was a dominant NBA player, but he's honestly even more entertaining in retirement. At the very least, he has friends that like to have fun with him. That's really all you can ask for in life.

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