Patriots Fan Asked Rex Ryan To Rate His Girlfriend’s Feet During A Playoff Game

Rex Ryan has fully embraced being the feet guy. So much so that the self-proclaimed foot expert has landed a new partnership deal with Dr. Scholl’s where he'll use his expertise to mentor the University of North Carolina football team.

Back in 2010, the then New York Jets head coach wasn't embracing the title of foot expert like he is these days. He told reporters, after videos surfaced of his wife Michelle showing off her feet, that it was a personal matter.

"To be honest, and I get it, I know you need to ask and all that stuff," he said at the time. "But it's a personal matter and I'm really not going to discuss it, OK?"

The statement Ryan released on his new partnership is a little different than the one he gave almost 12 years ago. It's apparently no longer a personal matter: "Two things are for certain: I know football, and I know feet."

"But the stigma around talking about feet has always felt so unnecessary to me. I'm excited to share my expert knowledge with these young Tarheels and help them step up their game – including tackling Athlete's Foot with the help of Dr. Scholl's," Ryan said.

Rex Ryan is an expert after all

While out promoting the deal, Rex Ryan told a story about being asked to rate the feet of the girlfriend of a Patriots fan during a playoff game.

"So, I'm going in New England and, man, every single one of these people they got these little signs up. And they're all like holding these things up, and its something about feet and you know whatever it is. And we're playing them in a playoff game and I'm like 'Oh God, look at this, man, this is brutal.'"

"Somebody yells out, 'Hey Rex! What do you think of my girlfriend's feet?!' And I'm like, I could ignore it, and play like I never heard him or I could look back. I look back and I go 'they look pretty nice.' So... I just own it and it is what it is."

If you're going to ask anyone about feet, you're going to ask Rex Ryan. Playoff game or not, he's going to check them out and he's going to let you know what he thinks.