Parents Triggered By 'Peppa Pig' Bacon Sandwich Ad

A cafe in downtown Edinburgh caught flak from a group of parents after one of their menus displayed cartoon character Peppa Pig as a key ingredient for a featured sandwich.

The character of Peppa Pig was popularized from the self-titled animated show on Nickelodeon, which is basically the new generation's The Berenstain Bears, swapping out the bears for pigs with English accents.

The menu, seen at Golden Street Cafe, read: Peppa Pig plus bread equals happy face.

According to a local report highlighted by the New York Post, one of the disgruntled parents spoke out against the advertised equation, calling it insensitive iconography for bystanders who happen to be vegan or vegetarian. Like a patty of Beyond Meat, the ad was considered tasteless and worth reprimanding.

“Even if you are not vegan or vegetarian that could be really upsetting,” said the parent. “My kids would be absolutely traumatized if they saw that sign, it’s really not funny.”

Rumors circulating the report gather that the second line of equation, a repeat of the first, actually hints at a double-decker type BLT, suggesting double the amount of bacon than initially perceived.

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