Paige VanZant Launches Premium Site to Give Fans 'More'

Unlike some athletes and celebrities who ignore their fans' wishes and requests, Paige VanZant comes through. As first reported by the New York Post, the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and social media superstar has teamed up with to launch, a premium website to give her fans the exclusive content they've long been asking for.

Sounds like a decent business plan to me.

"As you probably know, Paige loves to tease her fans on her Instagram, often going nude with her husband and posting scantily clad bikini pictures," the release says. "Fans have been asking for her to create her own platform to post pictures on. Well, she finally did."

Teases do lead to dollars, that's true.

“Every time I check my social media, my fans are always asking me for more. By launching with FanTime, it makes it easier for followers to find the exclusive content I’ll be putting out” said VanZant. “Be sure to subscribe in the lead up to my next fight."

For those that asked for "more," you made it happen.

VanZant is quite popular on Instagram, probably more popular than your favorite athlete.

142,000 likes, but how many will subscribe? Probably a lot, but I'm not here for guesses.

The subscription price is not cheap, it will take $19.99 for just one month. I guess you could always cancel Netflix to make room in the budget, no?

I'm happy to see someone come up with a new business plan, thus I'll be rooting for Paige VanZant's success. Oh, and I hope her fans get what they want as well.

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