Paige VanZant Dumps Out More Content From A Yacht With Her Friend Airwrecka

Bare-knuckle fighter Paige VanZant fully activated bikini season this week while aboard a yacht content cruise while announcing "T–ts to the wind," as she went topless with her content-producing friend Airwrecka, according to The Sun.

Last week we had JLo and WWE wrestler Trish Stratus activating bikini season, so it only made sense that content genius VanZant followed suit with her own content dump.

The 28-year-old bare-knuckle brawler has been using her time wisely. This "T–ts to the wind" content dump is just the latest in a string of yacht photo sessions that Paige has pumped out to keep her $9.99 a month exclusive content page humming along. That's where she's been posting NFTs, more yacht content and chatting with clients who just can't get enough of her work.

While she's officially activated bikini season, it isn't going to be all yachts and swinging bikini tops. Paige is scheduled to fight in her third bare-knuckle fight July 9 in London for BKFC, which signed her to a three-fight deal (she's 0-2) and has talked about bringing her back on a new contract.

“I’m not done yet,” VanZant said in March. “I know people saw me going into it as a terrible career move and there was all the negativity and the shock of me signing with bare-knuckle boxing.

“Yeah, I did go 0-2. I need to come out there, I need to get some wins under my belt. Those losses even though losing is terrible, I just had so much fun.”

Besides that, there's also Paige's work with AEW which didn't get off to a great start, according to the reviewers.

But these women only get this one shot to make piles of money and that means you have to just unload as much content for as many different social media channels as possible.

Paige's currently at an all-Pro level.

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