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This whole Reid pool dilemma thing is taking on a life of its own

Once again, the email inbox lit up Friday as word continues to get out about Reid and his neighbor who wants to put in a pool and the only access to the guy's backyard runs through...Reid's yard. This one has taken on a life of its own.

Reid writes:

I can't believe all the interest in my yard, I've told friends about the interest on your column and now they are locked into the daily screencaps report as well.

I will definitely update you as I go and document the process, and yes you are right, I am looking forward to this challenge!


Look Reid, you can't bring us a dilemma like having your yard ripped up so a guy can have his dream pool and not expect it to spark some emotions within the community as grown men try to figure out how they'd handle such a situation. This story is red meat to this community. This is like Fox broadcasting the Cowboys at 4 ET on Sundays. This is like Yankees-Red Sox on Sunday Night Baseball for 30 straight weeks.

• JB H. in Nashville writes in with urgent advice for Reid:

I’m a residential contractor in Nashville Tn – Feel compelled to help Reid (hopeful I’m not too late) before he gets into a real mess.  I am assuming this is an in-ground concrete pool and substantial project.  If so, there are a few things that he must require.  Non-negotiable.

Best of luck to Reid and the neighbor embarking on the pool project!

On man spaces

• Guy G. in western New York dumped out this update on me Friday and now we have yet another project to lock in on. Listen to what he has planned.

Catching up this morning, on Thursday’s post. A couple of things hit for me. We had discussed briefly a week or so ago, about refinancing the house. Your SC Thursday pushed it again. We have an appointment Monday to get it done.

With that, we have also been in discussion for having an additional ‘garage’ put on the property. A place to hang out more than to store things. Have a wood stove, full bath, pool table, bar, dartboard…and build a golf simulator. Pricing on the ‘garage’ is done, and can be done relatively “cheap”. The simulator build will be a project, but can be done, and done well, for about $6000. Full swing, high end courses, mini-games for the kids ect. You can also get it with a shooting range for the bow! I can keep my hunting game up all year round!

Like I don’t have other things to spend money on…


I'm very intrigued on the full-swing simulator for $6,000 and its performance. I don't have to worry about ever having one in my house, but I can live vicariously through you guys. Knowing Guy G.'s history with Screencaps, this project is going to be awesome. Can't wait to see the progress.

And it's true, the financial guys on here say if you haven't refinanced, and can, don't wait. Get it done. I don't take all my financial advice from Screencaps emailers, but I have to say, you won't find many online communities that balance being fiscally conservative, yet living life, like the Screencaps readers.

On Florida trips

There I was cranking out the miles between Indy and Ormond (~960 miles…. And yes overnight in one fell swoop…. Yes we’re a little crazy but the kids sleep at night and the traffic is way better…. So here we are) and I had many, many hours to think about life.

Here’s my running list:

I think there are couple things at play: when the dominant narrative in the country is that the only way to relate to another person is to view them as a threat, we stop thinking of them as people. Thus, there isn’t an actual person or family in the car but merely an impediment to what I want and where I want to go. I also wonder if the new-ish time limits imposed on truckers (10 hours at a time), which are much more strictly enforced these days doesn’t have something to do with how fast so many truckers are driving. 

1. Driving has gotten so bad - perhaps this is merely anecdotal, but the number of aggressive drivers seems to have tripled. Semis crushing 75 mph through downtown Nashville when the average speed was around 70; pick-ups throwing down 90, racing up from the right lane across 4 lanes of traffic into the packed left lane, honking his horn, and flashing his lights at us, to give a couple specifics. And across the whole drive there were probably 10 more examples. 

2. The Ringer Podcast Network - I stumbled upon Bill Simmons when I was a sophomore I’m high school when he was writing for his now-defunct “Boston sports guy” website. I am still a huge fan, despite political and value differences. I still check The Ringer daily and like their sports and pop culture takes, even when I disagree. All that to say, the podcasts they produce, at least the ones I like, are top-notch.

I really like The Big Picture podcast with Sean Fennesy and Amanda Dobins, particularly their “movie drafts.” Any gimmick to draft completely arbitrary things is great. Ryen Russillo is also one of my favorites. In a past life, I was a truck driver and the Scott Van Pelt radio show was a staple of my afternoons. His and Rusillo’s banter was awesome and Ryen has carried so much of that into his new show.

Check out his conversation with Gilbert Arenas, incredible. And if you haven’t read this piece by Jonathan Tjarks, I can’t recommend it more highly

3.  TMNL Shirt - what a versatile shirt! I couldn’t be happier. Wore it the entire drive. Took a three-hour nap when get got here, still wore it. Woke up and crushed a 4-mile run, still in the shirt! It is incredible!! 


There's quite a bit there from Indy Daryl and it's exactly how I like emails. Multiple thoughts just flowing. He's right, driving is out of control. I'm forced to take I-75N through Toledo for quite a bit of stuff and last night is a great example of what Daryl's talking about. Construction, lane reductions, Friday night traffic, people flying, semi rams right into the back of a semi-trailer and it appears the driver got very lucky to not be smashed to death.

Now, No. 3...shirts...I have a call with OutKick's new marketing manager Olivia G. (Maxx with two Xs has moved on to other projects) this upcoming week on t-shirt strategy for 2022. There will be a new shirt and I'm in the brainstorming process for new designs. I will make it clear that these shirts are incredibly important and the designs have to reflect that.

Olivia G. seems to understand how much I love this mowing project. So far we're on the same page.

On rare wood trader trips and golf

• Mike in Pasadena, who traffics (legally) in rare wood, is back with a dispatch:

It’s been a minute.  I’m still here tuning in,  have a few cents to toss into the jar.  Been very busy moving and grooving over the last few weeks. As always I will try and keep it pithy.

Became envious of Mike and Cindy T sending pic’s from Mexico,  so on a whim I grabbed 2 seats to Kona, Hawaii for the Mrs. and I and off we went.  Been there before,  so when the major hotel chain (Hilton) took my $$, I expected business as usual.  I was wrong.  3 restaurants closed, no poolside bar services,  closest restaurant and bar nearest our room,  was 1/4 mile away at this resort.  PISSED does not accurately describe our mood when we discovered this. 

That night we ran to the nearest “choke and puke,” and for what we paid, Mike and Cindy T could have eaten for 4 days in Mexico.  And to top it off - they added a $2 inflation fee to our check !!!  WTF ?!  The staffing shortages in the service industry are beyond terrible.  It took an hour to get breakfast one day. 

All is not lost,  I golfed one day (they have wild goats that keep the roughs manicured - no bs) and we “beached” another.  A bad day in Hawaii is better than good days most anywhere else. 

On a brighter note, we were in Nashville last week.  Our first time,  and looking for a future move there.  The folks are AWESOME.  Kid Rock's place is AWESOME, and the Jack Daniel’s tour began with an unexpected twist that I was not aware of.  Never knew of “Uncle Nearest,"  incredible amazing story there.  Everyone whiskey drinkers or not,  should take the tour. 

Container prices from Europe are topping $11,000 for a 40’ box.  1 year ago it was $3000.  Now every board foot of lumber I stuff in a box,  there’s $1 per foot added to the cost.  

I’m off to Ghana, West Africa for the week heading to Kumasi where a majority of the sawmills are located.  Buying lumber.  I’ll try to capture some shots of behemoth logs.

Keep grinding


Goats manicuring the rough? Very intriguing. The only problem is that I hit low liners and I don't want to hurt those goats.

As for that the "temporary inflation fee," do you guys think they'll ever remove that from the bill once inflation drops? I don't.

I know many of you guys like to bag on Mike in Pasadena for living in California, but I have to say the guy knows how to bring the content. One minute we're getting golf course goats and inflation fees and the next minute we're going to get photos from African sawmills. THIS is what Screencaps is all about and why readers cannot miss a single post.

Now, I have an indoor golf tee time to make. No more emails. Let's get another great Saturday rolling across this great country. Go out there and have a great day, soak up that Elite Eight action and those ribs you've been smoking.

Keep those emails coming. We're starting to crank again.


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