Paige VanZant Does Some Self-Reflection, Granny 'The Greek' Is A Football Expert & LSU Fan Takes Another L

Is this GameDay admitting they have lost ground?

The big news this morning is that ESPN's iconic GameDay show is adding Pat McAfee as a permanent member of the show and he'll be in Austin for Bama-Texas while Fox's "Big Noon Kickoff" will also be in town with Urban Meyer, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and a show that is continuing to pick up steam.

No, I'm not writing that because I work for Fox.

It doesn't take a sports media expert to realize GameDay is in a precarious situation right now where Lee Corso is nearly finished and the show is left with an aging Kirk Herbstreit and Desmond Howard, who doesn't exactly move the needle these days.

Throw in condescending David Pollock, who also doesn't move the needle, and the show needs a makeover.

Enter McAfee.

You might remember Pat's first run with GameDay when he jumped off a boat and into a river at Baylor. It was unlike anything GameDay had ever seen and it served as a viral moment reminiscent of the mid-2000s GameDays that were must-see TV.

Will Pat be required to be a carnival act on a weekly basis? That's what I'm watching for -- on days when my wife doesn't have me at the soccer field with the kids.

Quick analysis:

From the mind of Beau in Toledo

• Beau writes:

Hey Joe!!

Glad You and Fam had a Great Labor Day Weekend!  I spent Sunday and Monday detoxing while working in the garden... went to a buddy's house to watch Catholics vs More Convicts and had to endure time in THIS poorly decorated house... my Liver paid the price. 

Anywho... after last week's convo regarding all of us now taking on an estimated $6K in others' college debt, may I vent on the atrocities of the "self-checkout" kiosks that almost always require a store employee to interact with??  I mean, wtaf... am I getting a discount on my purchase for doing YOUR JOB?!?  NO, in fact, I am not... I need that money to pay off EVERYONE ELSE'S student loan debts ftr.

(Side Note:  I went to the crooks that hold my money and told them my mortgage "identified" as a student loan... the green and purple-haired "It" simply asked if I wanted that payment to be taken from my checking or savings) 

And now this crap...  

Kroger Is Testing A New Smart Cart That Lets Shoppers Skip The Checkout Line (

Really, @kroger ?!?

Yeah, this may sound convenient, but I want my discount on 'Za from Detroit Style Deep Dish Pizza | The Authentic Motor City Pizza Co. ( , pasta from Classic Blue Box Pasta | Barilla , and even my #TNML footwear of choice, 608 Trainers - Men's and Women's Training Shoes - New Balance when you stock them, AS WELL AS Kroger-hacked stuff.

Get with reality, #Kroger.

Wait until Beau hears that grocery stores may use palm-scanning technology to allow customers to shop at stores without using a self-serve checkout line. Scan your palm and it pulls the money from your checking account or something like that.

Personally, I'm going to miss interacting with the checkout ladies when smart carts take over the grocery industry. Don't forget the little things we lose when the robots and computers come for our asses.

Bonus Beau

• He's been out and about lately. Beau writes:

Costco needs to calm the hell down...

Chili weather conditions

• Marty M. writes:

Hello Mr. Kinsey, hope this finds you well.

Had a quick question that maybe you could put your two cents in on. With the NFL starting this weekend, my family will be getting together on gameday to watch our beloved Chicago Bears. We usually switch up who's hosting for the week, and we are starting at my mom's house Sunday. I was speaking with her earlier about the food and she was contemplating making chili. 

Now, I personally have a no chili until it's 50 degrees or cooler rule, so I tried to change her mind, but not sure if I was successful. So my question is, can you eat chili when it's hovering around 80 degrees? 

Are there other certain foods that aren't allowed until fall officially kicks in?  As always, thanks for giving us something to enjoy reading every day. 

This is an excellent question for this community and it's going to lead to multiple emails guaranteed.

Look, I think a 50-degrees-and-under chili rule is a little harsh.

I have a mid-October raw, 62, and rainy Sunday rule. Anything under that and it's officially chili season. But it has to be rainy. Raw. Wet. Raincoat weather. If it's sunny, 62, and hoodie weather, that's when you should be doing burgers, brats and chicken wings.

Chili at a party when it's 80 degrees is unacceptable. I was at one of those parties Saturday when there were approximately 10 gallons of chili for the Notre Dame-OSU game. Nobody touched it.

Chili should be reserved for passing out on the couch days only to wake up at 3:45 ET to see the end of the early NFL games.


Tell your wives what you really want this holiday/birthday season

• Kevin in Gibsonia writes:
 Best birthday gift ever.

Well said, Kevin. Make this easy on your wives this year. Also, ask for the TNML cups. You'll thank me later. People in your house will be fighting over the cups. I think they're out of stock right now so keep checking back.

And for the ladies reading this, the shirts run a little small. Go up a size. Don't worry if he freaks over you buying him a 2X. This tri-blend material hugs the body just a little. Cut the tag off and he'll never know it's a 2X.

'Do Hard Things' report

• Indy Daryl has had a busy summer, but he was able to sneak in a trip to Olympic National Park and files the following report:

6 days and 5 nights in the wilderness of the backcountry that Olympic National Park has to offer sure did me some good. Just sunshine, walking (sometimes with a 40lb pack sometimes not), reading (book for the trip was “Hunter’s Moon” by Philip Caputo), playing Euchre by headlamp and star light, getting up with the sun, hoofing it to get water, washing in streams of glacial runoff certainly not warmer than 60 degrees, and so much more. Heart, mind, and soul were refreshed and restored. Can’t say enough about a trip like this to reset and would recommend it to any and all.

Hope you had a restful Labor Day weekend, and can’t wait for Russel Wilson’s Bronco debut next Monday!

Cedar Point memories

• Mig in Ohio writes:

Your screen caps post about Mariah at Cedar point jogged some memories from when I worked at the park in the early 80's and "celebrities" were in the park. None I remember of Mariah's status, but a lot of the Cleveland pro sports figures and other sports celebs.  Word quickly spread among the workers any time this happened and you were on the lookout all day.  

Brian Sipe and his family would be there a couple of times a year and you would let them ride the coaster 2 or 3 times in a row.  Magic Johnson was there one time with a giant entourage  The maintenance gang had to come up with some carts to help them get all the stuffed animals they had won out to the parking lot.   

Although this was cool the real fun was after the park was closed since you had college kids from 10 or more states, staying on campus with no classes, a paycheck every Friday and the drinking age was 18.  What could go wrong? I would also recommend the documentary Class Action Park if readers enjoy such entertainment.      Class Action Park | Official Trailer | HBO Max.  It's not Cedar Point but seems like a good time.

That's enough for this morning. Tomorrow, I'll dig into Bill C. going after my love of Costco. He really went off on me.

Let's get the day rolling. Go give 110% on the morning Zoom call.


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