Paige Spiranac Unleashes Photos From Bahamas Golf Trip, Shares Her Recent Struggles

Your favorite golfer, Paige Spiranac, kicked off her 2022 summer season by heading to the Bahamas for some sun, new Instagram photos and fun, but there's a problem for the golf influencer.

She's dealing with the yips. You know the drill. You stand over the ball and nothing feels right. Confidence is out the window. Who knows where the ball is heading.

That's where Paige is at right now.

"I’ll be honest, my game is really struggling right now. Today I got the yips off the tee which was the first time that’s happened since playing pro. I was pretty discouraged and have been down on myself about my golf game," Spiranac wrote this week on Instagram.

The former University of Arizona and San Diego State golfer, whose golf content has slowed in 2022, was playing the Royal Blue Golf Club course, Golfweek's No. 1 ranked course in the Bahamas, when this whole yips thing flared up.

"I know we can all feel this way sometimes so I want to take you along with me as I work on my game. So more stories with practice plans and we will go through my @shot_scope stats together! Let’s make this a team effort. A support group for bad golf lol," she added.

"What’s one thing you want to improve on this summer with your game?"

Uh, is there an app that helps a golf game when you're drinking and golfing? If so, I need that app.

Golf sober? Then I'd have to take golf seriously and that ain't happening.

How bad are these yips for Spiranac?

"Today I threw my driver 40 yards in the air. Hit a cart path and bounced into the s--t. Not one scratch on the club head. That TM Stealth driver is indestructible. Pretty impressive," she tweeted Monday.

Sounds terrible. Sounds like the rest of us.

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