Paige Spiranac Owns Mother's Day, Too

It took one photo for Paige Spiranac to take over Mother's Day. Really, that's it.

A picture of Spiranac, and her mother, and the words, "Happy Mother's Day." Oh, and a heart emoji. Now Spiranac has gone viral yet again.

Spiranac is a former professional golfer and current sports media personality. She has become a pop culture icon, with millions upon millions of followers on social media.

Now she's given her mother a taste of the spotlight. That's a pretty cool gift on Mother's Day. And why not? Without her mom, Spiranac wouldn't have accomplished any of this.

Of course, most Spiranac fans probably didn't enjoy this picture as much as those from her recent trip to the Bahamas. But fear not, our Joe Kinsey shared plenty of those right here.

So Happy Mother's Day to Mrs. Spiranac and all the moms out there. You are responsible for some awesome things every day.