Paige Spiranac Celebrates Freedom, Tiger Woods Lands In Ireland & Portland Pickles Mascot Lights Up Streaker

Today we celebrate freedom

I don't have some grand opening statement this morning after a very long pool day with the neighbors followed by a spectacular fireworks show from the banks of the Maumee River where, during the War of 1812, American soldiers were attacked by the Brits and Indians at Fort Meigs.

To be honest, I'm exhausted this morning and barely got out of bed at a decent hour, but I wasn't about to take the easy way out and chalk up today as a holiday.

Not when the email inbox was absolutely LIT UP by readers ready to show off the stars and stripes. Not when Screencaps readers were took my challenge and ran with it.

You guys have knocked it out of the park this year. There isn't a better community of readers on the Internet right now. I sit here day after day amazed that this is actually happening to my career.

I could go on and on about freedom, flags, the red, white and blue, but I have a family of five texting me about celebrating freedom in the pool today. I have to get this place cleaned up after yesterday's bender.

Stay safe. Don't blow off fingers. Don't start fires with roman candles.

Have a happy 4th of July.

• Mike T. in Eagle, Idaho writes:

We have lots of American flags displayed around the Ts home, inside and outside. Cindy T does art projects and sells them.

Grandpa T fought in WW1 as a 18-20 year old kid from a family farm in Minnesota. He was a Sargent when he left the Army and had is uniforms and medals in the attic of his and Grandmas home. He never talked about WW1, I asked him one time “How did you get to be a Sargent Grandpa?“ He replied “I stayed alive.”

Over the course of the years, we are the family currently responsible for this flags care and passing its story on to the future generations.Freedom don’t come free! 

• Tom W. writes:

This isn't a picture of all the flags we and others put up to celebrate Independence Day, although I could have driven to Memorial Park in Brookfield WI to photograph the breath-taking display of flags they put up for these important holidays. Instead, this is a picture of typical Americans in Menomonee Falls WI waiting for the parade to begin.

The road is closed for the parade, so we find young and old talking and playing with everybody in the street: no fighting, no yelling, nothing negative. This is what Americans really are- they want to enjoy life, they want to get along, and they don't care about all those differences the liberals want us to recognize. We give everyone a chance, and we don't pity ourselves.

Have a Happy 4th of July, Joe, and don't forget you can't write Screencaps with a finger or two blown off by a cherry bomb!

• Sean C. in Granger, IN writes:

Here’s to doing my part to make your 4th of July column easy so you can enjoy the day!!

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday of the year. This is a holiday where patriotism rules over all. Even American-hating liberals can’t help but enjoy themselves some awesome summer weather, fireworks and an extra day off. I’m not going to lie, I love the beach days, the pool parties, the cookouts, fireworks, etc that come with this holiday. Not to mention the lack of family obligations that come with Christmas and Thanksgiving. But with the amount of American pride seemingly gone within certain segments of our society, it just makes me appreciate what we have here even more.

I fly my flag proudly once the weather turns in the spring and keep it out until it turns in the fall (basically from the beginning to end of mowing season). Also, if you can tell as you look beyond the forward flag to the flag hanging in the garage, I keep that up all year. Every day I come home, I pull right up to it. Just a daily reminder to appreciate all this country is, and why, no matter what, it’s still the greatest county ever created.

Now, after enjoying some fireworks on this Sunday evening, I’m going to settle in and watch the new Beavis and Butthead movie!! What else says American Freedom like that?!?!

Happy 4th of July to the Outkick Family!!

Also, got this late in the day yesterday. Friend of a friend. This is what 4th of July is like in Edwardsburg, MI, just north of me. Lol

• From Johnny R.

Happy 4th!

• Kyle B. writes:

First, thank you for all you do.  I look forward to reading your column every day.  I have never written in before, don't feel like I'm that interesting, just a regular guy trying to raise a family in this great country.  I love how you end all the columns with a positive statement about America.  That is what influenced me to write in, I am very into being patriotic.  So when you asked to see some 4th of July colors and love for this holiday, I thought I'd share our family photos.  I hope you get to enjoy the day.  Keep up the great work! 

• Matt in Huntersville, NC writes:

Happy 4th, Kinsey family, the Screencap community, and especially all Americans.

Picture of son Louis, daughter Lucy, and dogs Winston and Roy.

• Michael in Charleston, SC writes:

The flag is flying high on the pole but I'm sharing a different flag.  My friend Daniel is a Blackhawk pilot and was in Kuwait when Trump was elected in 2016.  He saw the footage of the loons rioting and burning flags and wasn't happy. 

He posted on Facebook that he and his crew would fly the Stars and Stripes high in the sky outside of the helicopter every time the see a flag burned and whoever wants to send him one, he will fly it proudly.  I told my dad and a flag was in the mail.  They flew it over Kuwait, Iraq, Jordon, and Syria.  He brought it to me when once he came home and I had it framed for my dad.  

Happy 4th and God bless America and our amazing troops!

• Danny W. writes:

Happy Birthday America! I LOVE YOU!! Checking in from Bentonville, AR. I’m an unapologetically proud American and member of TNML trying to recruit as many other great patriots to join the league. Several have.  Independence Day is my favorite holiday. I love the beer (lots of), bbq, bike rides, and watching people lose their minds over stupid political nonsense. I celebrate our freedoms every damn day and pray that those that hate it here pack up and move north or south of the boarder. Unfortunately, most will not and we will continue to watch them make fools of themselves with constant hypocrisy. If I come across as angry, I’m not. I don’t let the actions of others impact my attitude. I simply love America. 

On to TNML: I love to idea of  looking forward to a day of the week that isn’t Friday or Saturday. I have 2 of the “Jersey’s” - my wife calls them T-shirts. She’s so uninformed. I like to alternate between home and away uniforms as I lay those beautiful horizontal, diagonal, perpendicular stripes.  

Have a fabulous Independence Day, America!

• From Louie in Savannah:

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Here are some pics from the 4th of July Fest in Richmond Hill, GA last night…

American Flags, Live Oaks, and Bounce Houses…. ‘Murica!

iPhone pics don’t do the fireworks justice.

Also, note the nerf darts in the bed of my truck. They are everywhere, always. Lol

I love being a boy dad!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Stay safe!

• Jonathan S. writes:

Took this before the afternoon storms rolled in! Have a safe one Joe

• Ron M. in Lake Oswego, Oregon writes:

Greetings again from Limo Lib Blue Check Mark LO in the People's Republic of the Portland Metro Area.

Reading Screencaps lately I see that I have fellow travelers in Gresham, OR and Vancouver, WA. I know there are more of us here. Give a shout out. 

I have attached a pic of our house and also the local cigar lounge. Those Flags are up EVERYDAY! 

I am at that lounge now waiting for my wife Kate who is finishing a 500 mile walk for the American Warrior Initiative by walking a marathon.  She is doing mile 22 in the boots she got for RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) Fridays.  

On Monday she will run our neighborhood 4th of July Parade. Firetruck, candy, and lots of kids on decorated bikes, scooters, and in strollers. I'll send pics of that as well. 

For now, may The Lord preserve and defend the United States of America and watch over the men and women who allow us to fly these flags in safety.

• John R. writes:

Hi Joe, spending the 4th weekend at Lake Livingston about a hour north of Houston. Here are a few of our flags. Noice the small ones under the back ceiling.Happy Independence day.

• Look at this celebration of freedom from Douglas J:

Happy 4th of July screencappers and Proud Americans!  Just a couple quick pics of our Patriotic decorations from the middle of America.  My wife beautifully decorated our front porch.  I put my quick touch on the festivities with our glowing stars and stripes hanging above our garage.  Have a wonderful holiday and let freedom ring!

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