Over The Top Gender Reveal Ends In Flames, Pink Smoke And Confetti Everywhere

When are people going to learn? We're not meant to have elaborate gender reveals. If we were then they wouldn't continue to end in disaster.

The latest example of a gender reveal that ended in disaster comes to us from Brazil. Jenni Alarcon and Lucas Motta put on an over the top gender reveal in their backyard complete with a professional videographer and pyrotechnics.

It was the pyrotechnics that malfunctioned during the reveal that turned the celebration into a battle with fire. After shooting sparks into the air the pink smoke and confetti quickly followed.

The happy couple embraced and celebrated the news before realizing something had gone very wrong. A small fire broke out next to their "babies" display. The fire spread rapidly and caught their fence on fire.

Luckily plenty of people were on hand to help battle the blaze and the malfunctioning pyrotechnics didn't end up burning their house down.

Jenni shared the video of the close call on TikTok and the video of the gender reveal gone wrong now has over 4.5 million views.

Let's Tone Down The Gender Reveals

Congratulations, you're having a girl. Now go battle a fire and try to avoid third-degree burns while saving your house from burning down.

Was it worth it? They did create an unforgettable moment. More importantly the video went viral on social media. That wouldn't have happened with a boring celebration.

It's all about your perspective I guess. The risk of burning your house down just to know the gender of your unborn baby looks insane on paper.


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