OutKick Readers Rank 'Star Wars' Films

May the 4th gets hostile as users run to the internet to fight, debate, and destroy one another over the correct ranking of the Star Wars films. Instead of going to battle, we left the question to our loyal OutKick readers.

We asked, they ranked:

Fair point, EmpireStrikes Back needed A New Hope.

As expected, though, Empire was well represented.

Could have done without the shot at Jar Jar.

For the pictures, Isaiah wins:

Well, that's one way to look at it.

Check this one out:

Strong words.

Only three, huh?

I have heard Rogue One is well done.

It's never too late, David.

Looks pretty cool when sorted that way.

There are many more. As always, we appreciate everyone who chimed in.

In the comment section, keep the rankings coming.

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