OutKick Crime Files: Axes, Showgirls And Criminals Who Shouldn't Be Out On The Street

Welcome to the first edition of the OutKick Crime Files, where we will take a look at some of the most absurd and atrocious crime stories happening across the country. The worse part is, many of them should have never been allowed to take place.

As the country and our cities continue to deteriorate while gutless district attorneys allow dangerous criminals BACK on the street instead of keeping them locked up, it's important for them to be called out and held accountable. In the past week, 12 cops have been shot across the country.

It is you and I who will suffer the consequences from the deliberate negligence of DAs, judges and those that want to get rid of law and order. Our major cities have become cesspools of crime and filth and are crumbling before our very eyes.

Below are some stories that our local, state and federal officials have allowed to happen because of their pandering policies.


Color me shocked, Batman. You mean to tell me a dude that reigned havoc at a McDonald's in New York City when he freaked out and PULLED OUT AN AXE and began smashing glass, waving it at customers including a young woman sitting at a table... you mean to tell me that he would commit another crime?

Well he did just that on Wednesday when he was arrested for stealing and damaging a bicycle and spraying graffiti.

He was arrested, but now THEY'VE LET HIM OUT AGAIN with no bail.

When the axe-wielding man was initially arrested for the incident at McDonald's, none of the charges against him qualified as bail-elgible under New York's new bail laws. So he was able to walk free. (He claims he pulled out the axe and terrorized everyone in self-defense).

Great job everyone. Really. Spectacular job. Can't wait to see what he does next.


We're learning more about Yoni Christian Barrios, who is charged with murdering two and attempting to kill six more last week in Las Vegas. The 32-year-old illegal immigrant, should never have even been allowed on the streets. Turns out the undocumented migrant, faced a previous domestic violence charge that if convicted would have imprisoned him for up to four years.

What happened?

The Los Angeles District Attorney's office screwed up. They waited OVER A YEAR before bringing the case to trial, thus allowing the judge to toss it out for violating the state's speedy-trial laws and let Barrios back on the streets. The DA was supposed to file the case within 60 days.

They didn't, Barrios was freed and then killed 2 people that should still be alive today.


An equally horrible story down in South Carolina where Richard Campodonico now faces 3-life sentences after pleading guilty to several crimes including the break-in and murder of a man in Colleton.

Campodonico approached the victim's wife on the front porch. When she ran inside, he chased after her. The husband came downstairs and was shot and killed. All in front of their 12-year-old daughter.

He had previously been arrested and released on bond for first-degree burglary, and strong-arm robbery after assaulting two women before stealing their car. He then led officers on a pursuit before crashing his car. Seems like the best type of person to let back out on the streets. Thankfully now he won't be, but it's unfortunately too late.


Then you had this. Something straight out of a damn comic book. Video went viral a few weeks ago of a New York City subway car that showed a group of women dressed in green attacking and robbing pedestrians. The group known as the "Green Goblin Gang," because of their bright green attire, made off with the victims' belongings. It took over 10 days for any of them to be arrested.

The best part? You guessed it. Many of them had priors including 34-year-old Emily Soto who had NINE prior arrests.

I'm sorry (not really) but a 34-year-old that is dressing up as a damn superhero, with multiple arrests and continues to commit crimes, something tells me that she isn't just going to stop when she's inevitably released (and arrested) again.


To wrap up the bizarro-world that we now live in, how about something that we know is wrong but yet nobody can do anything about.

A Pittsburgh man had his Air Pods, Ray-Ban sunglasses and some clothes stolen from his car. The next day he was walking near his residence and was surprised when a homeless person was WEARING HIS SWEATSHIRT. He followed him to a homeless encampment. Upon calling police, they informed the victim that he couldn't go into the person's tent because it was on public property and it would be considered burglary.

So this person is wearing your clothes, living in a tent and the law-abiding citizen would be the one at fault and charged for just getting their stolen items back. Got it. Has anyone there heard of probable cause to allow for a search? I guess not.


The only way things like this are going to change is with public awareness.

Whether the stories are ridiculous like a person being arrested over 70 times and still being let out, or serious like a Washington judge reducing bail for a kidnapper and a robber. We need to bring attention to these stories so changes are made.

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