Oregon Police Arrest 25-Year-Old 'El Baker' For Chewing On Elderly Guy's Face

Police in suburban Portland, Oregon aren't sure if drugs lead a 25-year-old man to chew on an elderly man's face at a suburban Portland, Oregon train station during a Tuesday morning attack, but there's a solid chance that's exactly how a human ends up chewing off an old guy's ear.

“Half of this guy’s face appears to be chewed off,” a first responder could be heard saying over a 911 call, according to The Oregonian.

After securing the scene at the train station -- the suspect, Koryn Kraemer, was still munching when cops showed up -- police found a victim who was missing an ear and "part of his face."

Eventually, Kraemer stopped eating his meal and was taken into custody. The possibly drugged cannibal told police his name was "El Baker," and police had to go with identification until they were able to get some fingerprint identification on this maniac.

How did Kraemer end up on that train platform eating on the old guy's face? Police don't know. They say the suspect was a recent transplant from Georgia. That's it.

What the hell's going on in Portland, the woke-topia created by lib lib Mayor Ted Wheeler? Portland went through record levels of homicides, homelessness, and lawlessness in 2022.

And on the same day as the cannibal went to work on the old guy's face, a local news station documented how P2P meth, which is reportedly more potent and highly addictive, is taking over the streets.

Wheeler knows about P2P.

“Once you use this P2P meth, it very quickly scrambles your brain permanently — meaning some of the individuals who you see who are addicted to P2P meth, they will never be able to function on their own again. They will be institutionalized, or they will be relegated to the streets for the rest of their lives,” Wheeler said in early December.

According to the Betty Ford Foundation, P2P users leads to hallucinations or delusions.

Was the 25-year-old (alleged) cannibal's brain scrambled when he was chewing off the old dude's ear and dining on his face?


You might remember way back in 2012, a Florida Man was believed to be on "bath salts" when he ate a guy's face on a busy Miami highway. In that case, it took four bullets to stop the attack that left the victim unrecognizable.

Kraemer has been charged with second-degree assault for chewing on the guy's face in suburban Portland. In other words, it sounds like he could be back on the streets soon.

You've been warned Portland. Good luck.

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