OnlyFans Star Offers Free Nudes For Potential World Cup Matchup

OnlyFans star Tati Weg really wants to see Brazil and Germany meet in the World Cup championship game.

The former Brazilian police officer is now a rising star on OnlyFans, and in an attempt to get in the spirit of gamesmanship and competitiveness for the World Cup, if the two nations meet in the title game, she'll be slinging nudes free of charge.

"If the final is Brazil and Germany, there will be nudes for free," Weg claimed when talking about her dream World Cup final matchup, according to The Sun.

The OnlyFans star has split allegiance.

Weg is the great-granddaughter of German immigrants. Weirdly enough, despite being Brazilian, she still feels a lot of loyalty to the German squad.

"From the beginning, I wanted to represent Germany in the competition, but I was afraid of criticism for the 7-1 result. That game was hard to swallow, right? So, I started with the mission to erase that, because I'm Brazilian and I'm divided, right," the former Cop further explained.

While Brazil is in great shape to get out of the group play stage, Germany is in some serious trouble. The Germans lost to Japan and tied Spain. The team just has one game left against Costa Rica. If they have any dream of advancing, they need a win.

That means fans of Weg also have to be cheering for the Germans to not just beat Costa Rica but to crush them. Fans need a huge goal differential.

If the Germans draw or lose, there's no hope of free nudes from the OnlyFans star for a Brazil/Germany championship game.

Germany takes the field Thursday against Costa Rica. Now, all eyes will be on them to see whether or not the team can keep Tati Weg's offer alive.

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