OnlyFans Model Sent Home From Work For Wearing Distracting Dresses

An $8.99 OnlyFans model who still has a day job says it's getting harder and harder to maintain her desk job when the human resources department keeps sending her home for wearing "distracting" attire.

Marie Dee, who claims on her OnlyFans page that "I'm your mommy now," says in her latest TikTok video that human resources freaked out over a slim-fitting black dress she wore to work that wasn't exactly revealing much skin.

Wait a minute, I thought this was AMERICA?

With her phone rolling, Ms. Dee is lectured about causing issues.

“I’m sorry, you still can’t wear that. It’s way too revealing and distracting,” an alleged HR rep tells Marie Dee.

“It’s distracting?” Dee fires back.

“Very,” the HR official adds.

Look, this could be a ploy where the OnlyFans model is trying to drum up a viral video and she's doing some workplace cosplay for her fans who no longer watch soap operas, but they have TikTok. I like to give OnlyFans models the benefit of the doubt and I'm going with this video being 100% legit. Like watching WWE, I'm going to believe Marie was sent home and she's causing big problems at work.

In a video posted Tuesday, Marie Dee was back in the HR department in a new green dress and the No Fun Police let her have it again. "There's a lot of boob," the HR lady tells Ms. Dee.

OMG, not again!

Here's the problem for Marie Dee: Where does she take the content now that the HR angle has been played out? We need a new angle to create tabloid headlines. How about, "I'm Too Hot For This Desk Job & I Make Too Much Money On OnlyFans So I Told The HR Lady 'I Quit'."

Don't be shocked if we see that one later in the month.

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