OnlyFans Model: My Old High School Teacher Pays $1k For My Photos After Saying I'd Go 'Nowhere In Life'

Dutch OnlyFans model Vera Dijkmans says one of her biggest supporters is a teacher who once told her she'd "go nowhere in life." Now that teacher is paying her thousands for photos and she's one of the biggest OnlyFans models in the world.


The 22-year-old entrepreneur who sports a whopping 5.6 million Instagram fans, says the former teacher ponied up $1,200 for a personalized pic and now that teacher is one of her biggest fans. To be fair, the teacher had a point about the going "nowhere in life" slight while Dijkmans was in school. She dropped out at 15 and started waiting tables and dabbling in modeling.

Ah, but then OnlyFans made its world debut in 2020 and changed Vera's life forever.

Now, according to reports, the OnlyFans genius makes $360,000 a month flaunting her assets and is considered one of the sites top earners who ways in her OF bio that's she a "Well-behaved angel with a curious mind and the juiciest bum ever 🍑 If you're skeptical come see for yourself 🍯🙊 just say hi!"

Her old teacher did and now the two have a business relationship that seems to be working just fine, but at first it was clearly a little weird for the former pupil.

“At first, I was extremely uncomfortable,” the Dutch money-making machine told JamPrime. “I found it so shocking because back in school, I remember him being very strict and I never got the impression that he liked me as a student, let alone like this."

Eh, it's just an old teacher annnnnddddd he's willing to blow through a huge percentage of his teaching salary. Money is money, Vera.

“After a while, I just straight up asked him. I think he was hesitant at first, but he later admitted it,” she added. “He did this by sending me a $1,200 tip for a sexy lingerie picture – I couldn’t believe it!”

And just like that, Vera was officially a professional in something other than those dumb high school classes she had to sit through. Now she's the CEO of an OnlyFans account that figures to make over $4,000,000 in 2023. Let that sink in for a minute.

Let this be a lesson for the teachers out there. Be careful ripping on the chicks who are on the verge of dropping out of school. One minute you're ripping them in class, the next minute they make as much as a middle reliever for the Cincinnati Reds -- and you're making it rain on their OnlyFans account.

Be smarter.

Uplift your students. One day they may throw you a bone on a legal lingerie snap when you're down in the dumps.

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