OnlyFans Model Makes Money For Her Rent In Just 10 Minutes

As with any occupation, there are challenges to being an OnlyFans model ... if that counts as an occupation. Making money, if you're successful, isn't one of those challenges. Sure it's unlikely to be found on a list at career day or anything, but the paydays for successful models are legit.

One such successful model recently shared just how easy it was for her to make her rent money. In a TikTok video that has more than 11.7 million views, Belle Olivia says it took just 10 minutes for her and her friends to make rent money.

The short clip shows Belle and her friends setting up the living room to make a little content. They place a phone on a stand for recording and place a towel on the couch.

At the end of the 10 second video, Belle gives the thumbs up and judging by the "When me and my friends make out rent in 10 mins," text overlay it was a successful session.

Paying Rent In 10 Minutes Isn't For Everyone

This is just one of many videos that Belle has shared with her more than 547,000 TikTok followers that references her OnlyFans account. None of the others has received the amount of attention that this one has.

While there were many comments in support of the top 0.01% OnlyFans model's humble brag, there were some haters. She decided to address the haters in a separate video by responding to one of the supportive comments.

"Now in my friend group, we can all record these scenes and then go right back to being best friends and it’s not even awkward," Belle said. "I tell you that some people would probably find it awkward, but we're all making money, so we're happy."

It's a tough way to make a living, but someone has to do it.