OnlyFans Model Astrid Wett Faces Warnings & Calls For Her Arrest Over World Cup Attire

Croatian model Ivana Knoll's adventures at the World Cup in Qatar have been well-documented. She's been doing her part to battle against the supposed clothing restrictions in the host country and nobody has made more out of the soccer tournament than she has.

But Ivana is not alone. There are others fighting the good fight during their visit to Qatar. OnlyFans model Astrid Wett, a headline maker in her own right and a soccer fan, is doing her part as she supports England.

Astrid has gone braless at times to root on her home country. She's also sported a skimpy bikini top from inside Bin Ali Stadium.

It was the bikini top look that caused her to receive multiple warnings about her dress and calls for her arrest.

That World Cup look had some in Astrid's comment section warning her about what she was wearing. Others even called for her arrest.

One troll commented, "Cover yourself up, respect another country rules and culture."

Another had this piece of knowledge to share, "She disrespects another countries culture and she belongs to the streets."

Those were fairly tame compared to the calls for her arrest and stoning. A comment calling for her arrest tagged Qatar.

Another tagged the police, "@Qatarpolice do your work please."

Then came the real winner chiming in with this comment, "If anyone deserves stoning to death its deffo you ya cum bucket."

Astrid Wett Appears To Be Enjoying The World Cup

Luckily there were far more people pointing out the fan standing behind her. He appeared to be really into Astrid's look. I mean, he has his back to the field.

Twitter isn't the only social media platform that Astrid is using to share her World Cup experience. She's also been documenting her time in Qatar on TikTok.

The coverage isn't all clothing related either. She's tackled important topics like drinking in Qatar and which World Cup players she's thought about during her alone time.