Olympic Bronze Medalist Snowboarder's Wife Reminds Him That He Didn't Win Gold With Hilariously Ruthless Tattoo

Jan Scherrer will forever be reminded of his Olympics bronze medal each and every time that he looks down at his thigh. A hilariously brutal tattoo will serve as a permanent remembrance of the feat, but not necessarily in the way that he would like.

Scherrer, who competes for his home country of Switzerland, traveled to Beijing last February for his third Olympic Games. He had not made the podium before.

With high hopes, considering that the third time is a charm, Jan and his wife, Sasha, made a bet. If he was to win any medal in China, he would have to get a tattoo of her choosing.

"I thought, 'Well if I end up in the top three, I'm not going to care about anything anyway,' so I said yes," Scherrer said.

Well, sure enough, Scherrer placed third in the Halfpipe event and won a bronze medal.

And now, eight months later, he made good on his promise.

Sasha sketched out the tattoo that was to be inked on her husband and did not hold back. It isn't a loving celebration of the incredible feat, rather, it serves as a reminder that he did not win.

The tattoo shows a very simple, elementary depiction of a snowboarder wearing an Olympic-themed shirt and a party hat with '#3' on the front. He is standing under a banner that reads "good but not the best."

It's not small.

Video of Swiss Olympic snowboarder Jan Scherrer getting inked shows the rather large tattoo right above his right knee.

Upon the reveal of Jan's tattoo, it sent his wife into a fit of laughter.

The full story takes the entire process from start to finish. It gets funnier with every watch.

Jan Scherrer, who is only 28, will hope to compete in at least two more Olympic Games, God-willing. Hopefully he can one day get to the top of the podium and add a second, more prideful tattoo one day.