Olivia Dunne Was Game Day Ready In A Joe Burrow Jersey

Another LSU game and another Olivia Dunne game day post. She's a social media star for a reason and sharing game day looks comes with the territory.

The LSU gymnast is all about the content and knows exactly what to do to get some extra eyeballs on that content. That's why for Saturday's LSU game Dunne gave another nod to former Tigers quarterback Joe Burrow.

Dunne followed up a hug of a painting of Burrow a couple of weeks ago by getting game day ready this weekend with his No. 9 LSU jersey.

Nothing To See Here...

Olivia is obviously a fan of the Bengals star and it's fun to speculate about if there's a hidden meaning to her Burrow posts. Dunne's posts are fun for everyone except for Burrow's girlfriend that is.

The likely explanation is a simple one. The Dunne-Burrow content puts the asses in the seats. The more asses, the more NIL bank. She's not trying to steal anyone's man, she's trying to put some more zeroes in the bank account.

The Burrow jersey brought some luck to LSU on Saturday when they put another one in the win column with a 31-16 win at home over Mississippi State.

Burrow and his girlfriend won't mind the headlines if the luck carries over to the Bengals on Sunday against the Cowboys in Dallas. The reigning AFC champs would really like to get that first win after a tough loss to the Steelers.