Olivia Dunne Shows Off Insane Flexibility That Would Likely Hospitalize A Regular Person

Olivia Dunne let her followers know Monday night she's a hell of a lot more flexible than the average person.

The LSU gymnast, who is starting to generate rowdy crowds, shared a video of herself doing the splits with such ease that it's nothing short of jarring and mind-boggling.

You can check out the video, which immediately went viral with millions of views, below.

If you tried that same move right now, how quickly would you need to be rushed to the hospital? I can only speak for myself, but I'd say there's close to a 100% chance I'd obliterate both my hamstrings.

If there's other muscles in the area required to do the splits like Olivia Dunne did, you can go ahead and assume they'd be shredded as well.

Yet, when Olivia Dunne decides she wants to do the splits (didn't even know that was still a thing to be honest), she just does it like you or I would go get coffee.

There's a reason she's an internet sensation, and it's because all she knows how to do is win. That's why her NIL value is substantially higher than most star QBs in college football.

Now, just in case you were thinking about attempting this at home, I'd strongly advise against it. There's no need to be a hero or prove you're as athletic as the most famous gymnast in America. Stick to your day job and let Olivia Dunne keep doing what she does best.

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