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The Screencaps mini Pittsburgh summit is in the books

What a day it was in the Steel City where Heinz Field was 1/8th full by the time the Steelers scored a touchdown to make it a one-score game against the Bengals. Steelers fans had seen enough. They had enough of the wind chills that had to be in the low teens. They'd had enough of the Steelers looking like a 3-7 team.

And for once, I was one of the fans going home happy after a Bengals-Steelers game. Trust me, the feeling wasn't lost on me. There I was having a beer at my hotel with Steelers fan Mig, who made the trip to join the Screencaps summit as the honorary ticket winner, and it was eerily quiet as Steelers fans tried to get Ubers. The season is over in Pittsburgh and it's not Thanksgiving. That's wild.

How wild? Let this sink in: The Steelers haven't had a season below .500 since 2003 and just four seasons below .500 since 1990.

Screencaps Pittsburgh summit trip highlights and observations:

Let's have a strong week. Let's get some deals on TVs. Let's watch football. Let's eat too much and have a great time with family. Don't forget, it's a full Screencaps schedule this week, including a Thanksgiving edition!

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