Old-Timers Open A Bar At Wisconsin Assisted Living Facility To Get Through Quarantine

Nothing brings me joy like seeing old-timers finding ways to keep living life to the fullest no matter what obstacles stand in their way. I enjoy things like Bert, the World War II veteran, celebrating his 95th birthday at Hooters in Boca Raton. And I really enjoy the story from NBC-15 (WMTV) in Madison, Wisconsin about an assisted living facility where a group of men started their own bar to pass the time during quarantine.

Reporter Erin Sullivan can go ahead and put this at the front of her clip reel that she sends out to the major metro TV stations.

“One day I walked down the hall and said ‘what are you men up to?’ and then they invited me into the bar and it’s gone from there,” Renae Creasey, the administrator at Morningside Assisted Living in Lancaster, Wisconsin, told Sullivan.

If the fellas couldn't leave the facility to suck down some drinks at the bar, they'd just create their own scene and throw back a few bottles of wine. Ron Kjos, wearing a Wisconsin polo shirt, appears to be the ringleader of this outfit and that shouldn't come as a shock since he's a Badgers fan.

"There's a couple of good lookin' women who get in it every once in a while," Kjos told the TV reporter.

"We'll have to get a license I suppose one of these days," he added.

Ron is my kind of guy. He's making the best of his situation. If he can't go out to the local tavern to crush a few drinks due to COVID, then he's going to adjust on the fly. He's going to get the boys together who want to tell a few life stories, talk about the weather, joke with the nurses and keep on truckin' along in this thing we call life.

A great philosopher once said that we can get busy living or get busy dying and the men of the Corner Bar at Morningside appear perfectly content to keep on living, talking with their buddies and hopefully getting out of that place to suck down a few drinks when that glorious fresh air of spring arrives in the Upper Midwest.

May we all find a few friends to share stories with. Laugh with. Talk sports. And more than anything, may we all just find peace with life that these four men seem to have found.

Cheers, fellas!

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