Ohio Wesleyan University Offers $25k To Vaxxed New Students, Raises Tuition For Others

Ohio Wesleyan University made headlines around Columbus this week when it announced a plan to offer new vaccinated students -- MUST HAVE PROOF OF VACCINATION -- $25,000 scholarships to attend the private institution in the fall. In total, 50 spots have been opened up for COVID-vaccinated students to get on a fast-track approval process as the university tries to build a vaxxed utopia.

“Currently, only a handful of colleges in Ohio are requiring all students to be vaccinated,” said Stefanie Niles, Ohio Wesleyan’s vice president for enrollment and communications. “We know that many students out there would prefer to live and learn on a campus where they feel safe and where they know they won’t have to experience another year of mask-wearing and social distancing. We can offer that at Ohio Wesleyan.”

Students who enroll at the school are now required to fill out a form stating they're vaccinated and they will have to provide documentation that they've specifically been vaccinated against COVID.

Here's where things get messy for Ohio Wesleyan: the school is raising tuition for returning students and some of those upperclassmen students who've been receiving aid are not receiving anywhere near the $25k new students are receiving.

You see where there's a breakdown in the vaxxed utopia they have going on here? Women's basketball player Erica Sardinha and wrestler Nathan Scott seem to be having trouble with the math being presented by the school and are left wondering what will be done for the students who have been loyal to the school and its drive for the vaxxed utopia.

Here's what's happening to Erica, Nathan and other students -- they're facing a tuition increase of at least $2,300 in 2021-22 vs. 2020-21 based on living on campus. Football player Nick Canitia says his tuition will GO UP $12,000 this school year, presumably based on fluctuations in financial aid provided by the school.

Even with the $25,000 -- or more -- that the university is offering to new vaccinated students, tuition with room and board will run $62,120 this year. Meanwhile, in October 2020, Ohio Wesleyan announced it was slashing 18 majors consolidating other majors in an attempt to close a $7.5 million deficit that it was facing even before COVID.

The plan now? Create the vaxxed utopia, give new students more financial aid than the loyal upperclassmen who suffered through the COVID era and get back to making money in an environment where schools are facing the biggest enrollment declines in a decade.

Good luck, OWU.

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