O.J. Simpson Still Owes Goldman Family Millions, Fred Goldman Files New Documents In Court

Nowadays you can see and hear what O.J. Simpson has to say on his Twitter account, which boasts over 900,000 followers.

Mostly recorded from golf courses, Simpson pontificates on things like the NFL, fantasy football, and sportsmanship.

One thing that he never discusses, though, is his 1994 murder trial of his wife and Ron Goldman that overtook a nation and was 'must-see TV' for months.

The 1994 trial came to light again this week as Goldman's father, Fred, who continues to believe Simpson murdered his son, has filed new court documents in Nevada according to TMZ in the hopes of collecting just some of the money that Simpson owes the Goldman family.

Back in 1997, Simpson was ordered to pay them $33.5 million after he was found civilly liable in the killing of Ron Goldman, but according to TMZ , he has paid only $132,849.53.

Interest since 1997 has pushed the $33.5 million to over $70 million.

Fred Goldman says that since Simpson's release from prison in 2018 for a 2007 armed robbery case in Las Vegas, he has begun making money again doing autograph signings for collectors, and that money should go to the Goldman family for the 1997 judgment.

It remains to be seen whether Simpson will be ordered to pay anything to the Goldman family.

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