Nurse Fired For OnlyFans Content Says She Was Offered $2K To Fart On Camera

When we were first introduced to Jaelyn the 22-year-old was telling the story of how she got fired from her job as a nurse because her co-workers couldn't stop watching her OnlyFans content at work.

That was last month. Since then she's leaned into her "career" as an adult entertainer and a social media influencer. She's added over 100,000 followers on TikTok and who knows how many subscribers to her exclusive content.

As she's quickly learning, all of the added attention means an increase in bizarre requests from her subscribers. In a "I need answers" video on TikTok she asked her followers for a little help with one such request.

Talk About First World Problems

In the video Jaelyn says she normally charges $45 to make custom videos for her subscribers. But one of them offered to pay significantly more than that amount.

In fact, he didn't wait for an answer. He went ahead and prepaid with twenty $100 tips as he sent the details of what he wanted in the custom video. What he wants in return for the $2,000 is for her to "spread eagle and fart in the camera."

Her question to her followers was should she make the custom video or give the guy a refund. The video she made asking what she should do has almost 5 million views in just a couple of days.

Jaelyn's followers on TikTok were overwhelmingly in favor of making the custom video for her fan. They even had some ideas for spicing it up a little.

One commenter said, "Razzle dazzle him with a little baby powder."

"Put some glitter confetti down first so it's like a celebration," another suggested.

Both are funny suggestions and things to consider. But one commenter had the big picture in mind when they suggested that she mark him as a favorite and keep him real close.

I'm with them. That's someone planning for the long-term.

You get enough weird fetish subscribers who have deep pockets and want custom content and we're not talking about odd requests anymore. We're talking about early retirement.

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