Nurse Fired After Co-Workers Were Caught Watching Her OnlyFans Content At Work

A nurse and social media influencer - what a time to be alive - says she was fired from her job at nursing home because of her OnlyFans. Not because she was creating content on the subscription based platform, but because her co-workers were caught watching it at work.

Jaelyn, 22, told the story of how she lost her nursing job to her more than 247,000 TikTok followers. The eyebrow raising video is now approaching 3 million views.

According to Jaelyn, she arrived at her nursing job this week and was called into an office shortly after clocking in. The woman who called her in informed her that she was being let go.

When she asked why, she was told that she had become a distraction to her co-workers. It turns out her co-workers were looking at all of her social media content, including her OnlyFans content, at the nurse's station while on the clock.

Who Needs Nursing Anyway?

Jaelyn said the woman who fired her told her that the main reason she was being fired and her co-workers were not is because they, "need a job more than" she does.

I'm not a lawyer, nor do I play one on the internet. But something isn't adding up here to me. She either has the most slam-dunk wrongful termination lawsuit of all-time or she left a few things out.

With the amount of views the video has, it doesn't look like anyone really cares if any facts were omitted.

People just want to hear about a nurse with an OnlyFans who had co-workers that couldn't stop watching their content. Who can blame them?