North Hollywood Strippers Seek Union Representation

Union representation could be coming to a California strip club very soon. Last week dancers employed at a North Hollywood strip club filed a petition for a union recognition election.

A majority of 30 dancers employed at the Star Garden Topless Dive Bar filed the petition with the National Labor Relations Board. The petition is to hold an election for representation by Actors' Equity Association.

If the petition is granted by the NLRB, the strippers will vote to determine if the union will represent their bargaining unit. The national labor union currently represents 51,000 professional actors and stage managers.

Why do the strippers want to unionize? Because of safety concerns they have about their work environment. And the firing of two of the club's dancers who raised such concerns.

The firing of the two dancers, which took place earlier this year, led to a strike.

It's hard out there for North Hollywood's finest

Here's what Equity President Kate Shindle had to say following the petition's filing.

"Strippers are live entertainers, and while some aspects of their job are unique, they have much in common with other Equity members who dance for a living," she said.

"In my conversations with them, these dancers reported consistent compensation issues — including significant wage theft — along with health and safety risks and violations. They want health insurance and other benefits, like workers' compensation. They need protection from sexual harassment, discrimination and unjust terminations."

Her comments continued, "Equity is well situated to advocate for these workers, and we are excited to welcome them into the labor movement at this extraordinary time. We applaud their efforts to seize their collective power and unionize, like so many others across the country who are fed up with toxic workplaces. When they approached us for support, we did what unions should do: We said yes."

It's clear these ladies aren't just in a dispute over slippery poles or heels that are too high. They seem to have some legitimate beef with their employer.

They could probably quit and work elsewhere, but they've decided to go the union route. To each their own I guess.