NLCS Broadcast Shows Josh Allen Enduring Awkward Selfie Aftermath

The Buffalo Bills have a bye this week, so quarterback Josh Allen was kicking it in San Diego watching the Padres play the Philadelphia Phillies in the NLCS.

However, the broadcast cut to him and his longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams during the awkward few seconds after a selfie has been taken.

First of all, here's the photo (actually, I think it was a boomerang. Go ask a kid what that is if you have to) Ms. Williams snagged in the Petco Park luxury box.

That's a perfectly good, Instagram story (maybe not feed) worthy photo.

Now, this was taken right as the broadcast cameras focused on Allen and the defacto First Lady of Buffalo. Just in time to see them endure the oh-so-awkward 10 to 15 seconds post-selfie.

This is why you can't take everything you see on social media as gospel. See how their manufactured joy melted away in a second.

Then they were left to wallow in the awkwardness.

The Time After A Selfie Is Snapped Is Brutal

Nobody on the planet knows what to do after someone makes you take a selfie with them. Do you high-five? Are you supposed to critique the photo? Or are you supposed to twiddle your thumbs while the selfie-taker drowns the photo in filters and #hashtags?

I never know what to do. I usually just stare off into space or start kicking at something on the floor. Could be anything. A rock, maybe a bottle cap. I kicked a Roomba once.

Also, for whatever reason, I always develop an itch on my upper lip. I can't explain, but I think it might some sort of pavlovian response. An example of what psych majors like to call "Classical conditioning;" something that was discovered by a guy who liked to mess with his dog.

It's weird, but I see it happens to Josh Allen too.

I'm simultaneously happy and bummed to see that no level of success or money makes these little excruciating moments in time make go away.

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