Nightmare Fuel: Black Bear Jumps Into The Wrong Pig Pen

Is there anything as beautiful as watching two pigs that are about to be eaten by a massive black bear decide it's not their time to die? You could argue that striping a yard in the dead of summer is beautiful, but there's something about footage of two pigs -- Hammy and Mary -- deciding they were going to go straight nightmare fuel on this hulking bear that was set to fire up a pig roast.

"I am very proud of them because Hammy, the little one especially, he’s afraid of his own shadow and the way he came charging out when he seen Mary tussling with the bear," owner Rebecca Shaw told NBC Connecticut. "He was like, 'Oh no, no way, get out.'"

Enough talking. Let's get to the footage.

See how easy it is to fight back, Pat Forde? Try it.

Now, how is it possible a bear would be afraid of two pigs? According to Science Encyclopedia, the adult domestic pig "can be ferocious in their self-defense, and are not an easy mark as prey."

Ask that bear. He/she can confirm.

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