NFL's Ferguson Brothers Have A Big Day Planned For Mom & Dad - OutKick Exclusive

If you're looking for an NFL storyline to cheer for Sunday, there's not much better than what OutKick supporters Reid and Blake Ferguson are attempting to pull off today in Detroit and Buffalo.

The long snappers -- Blake plays for the Dolphins & Reid is in Buffalo -- started looking at the schedule and decided now is the time to attempt something that the brothers believe has never been accomplished in NFL history: The Ferguson's parents, Tracy and Big Kev, will attend Blake's game in Detroit and then jump on a private jet to see Reid's game in Buffalo. They'll see the full games. Every play. No leaving early.

Wait, didn't Donna Kelce, the mother of Travis and Jason, complete a rare doubleheader in January during the playoffs? Sorta. Yes.

Donna ran into issues with flight delays and she missed Travis catching a touchdown pass, but she did make it to both games.

The chance for the Fergusons to pull off a doubleheader had never really presented itself since Blake, who was drafted in 2020, has spent most of his career dealing with Covid restrictions and a schedule that didn't include a 1 p.m. game and a Sunday night game within striking distance.

Blake and Reid Ferguson, who watched as their parents became road warriors over the years and never missed an opportunity to watch their sons play, decided for their doubleheader attempt they would need to incorporate the use of a private plane. You just can't trust domestic airlines these days, even when it's a flight from Detroit to Buffalo. The flight windows to make this happen are too tight and there are too many possibilities of delays.

So here's the plan Blake and Reid came up with to help their parents achieve their goal:

• Reid and the Dolphins will play the Lions at Ford Field with a 1 p.m. ET kickoff

• A driver will be waiting for the Ferguson party (which will include a family friend who will document the day) at Ford Field and will drive the group to the airport to catch an eight-person charter to Buffalo

• Another driver will be waiting in Buffalo to whisk the party to Ralph Wilson Stadium, or whatever they're calling it these days

• Tracy and Big Kev will get to watch Reid play against the Packers

"We're pumped up. We're fired up over this," Blake told me during a Friday phone call. "As far as we know, our parents will be there for the kickoff of both games and the final whistles."

"We're freaking excited," said Blake, who continually made it known what it means to have the support of his mom and dad over the years.

Blake, but this is a private jet commitment. You and Reid are long snappers, not the quarterbacks on those $40 million contracts.

"As much as our parents have gone to the trouble to be at every single possible game they could attend, this is the very least we could do for them," the proud son fired back.

How did Tracy and Big Kev react to the news of this travel plan.

"Pure elation," is how Blake described it. "They could not be happier. Our parents are literally willing to go to the ends of the earth to support us."

Blake is talking about the 2021 trip where Big Kev and Tracy attended a Sunday Dolphins game in London and then flying back to Nashville the next day for a Bills-Titans game.

Now it's time for the Ferguson boys to give back with a 45-minute flight.

"I never thought that I would pay for a private jet ever in my life and I definitely never thought I'd pay for a private jet and not be flying," Blake said while breaking into laughter.

It's a great time to be a Ferguson right now

"I was sitting with my brother before Week 3 (Bills played in Miami) on the bench during pregame and we were looking around and thinking how freaking cool it is that we get to be on this field together and they pay us to do this," Blake continued.

And now the boys get to do cool things for their parents.

You guys want positive stories to follow and support. You got it in the Fergusons.

Make sure you're tuned in during Sunday Night Football when Mike Tirico give Big Kev and Tracy a shoutout. Blake recently ran into Tirico in an airport lounge and told him the story of what is planned.

Tirico was all-in.

You should be, too.

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