News Site Inaccurately Reports Dozens of Celebrities and World Leaders Dead

It happened. We finally found an outlet less reliable than CNN and Cari & Jemele (won't) Stick to Sports. At least for this week.

The website Radio France Internationale accidentally published 100 pre-written obituaries, which included many celebrities and world leaders who are not yet dead.

If you trust Radio France Internationale, you were saddened to hear the news about Queen Elizabeth II, Clint Eastwood, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Cuban leader Raul Castro, Brigitte Bardot, and Sophia Loren.

RFI says it “apologizes to those affected by these obituaries and who may have been offended by their publication.” Oh, I see.

The outlet even used the excuse that it's common to pre-write obits so that they can quickly post them at the time of death. The chase for quick clicks is getting heated, huh? A job is a job, but how depressing would that role be?

It's unclear how famous you have to be to get a written obit draft saved while you are still alive.

And, no, at OutKick we do not write up drafts of the living as if they are dead.

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