New Zealand Woman Loses License After Causing A Car Crash By Performing A Sex Act On The Driver

A woman in New Zealand had her license taken away for causing a car crash from the passenger seat. She was said to be preforming a sex act on the driver causing him to lose control and crash into a fence.

34-year-old Lela Jane Josephs appeared in a New Zealand court on Thursday to face charges of dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice. The judge ruled that she contributed to the driver, Andre Teka, losing control of the car.

Josephs admitted to the two charges and separate charges of driving while disqualified and drunk driving dismissed. She was sentenced to three and a half months in prison.

The judge commuted the prison sentence to 40 hours of community service and 12 months of intensive supervision. She also lost her license, was fined, and ordered to pay for damages to the fence.

You Can Be Too Honest

The car crash took place before midnight on June 27th last year. After the crash into the fence the driver fled the scene and neighbors found an intoxicated Josephs sitting in the passenger seat.

When police arrived on the scene Josephs gave them a fake name and told them she wasn't driving at the time of the accident.

It sounds like the details surrounding the cause of the accident were offered up voluntarily by either Teka and Josephs. I'm not sure why they didn't just say an animal ran out in front of them but here we are.

That wasn't the only mistake in this story. The judge in this case didn't think this one through either. Taking away her license ensures that she'll be a passenger and free to cause more crashes in the future.

She either needed her passenger seat privileges revoked or she needed to be required to drive whenever in a vehicle. The courts probably don't have the authority to hand down such a punishment, but making her a passenger doesn't seem wise.