New 'House Of The Dragon' Preview Teases Major Spoilers

The preview for episode eight of "House of the Dragon" paints an ominous picture of what awaits fans.

Episode seven of the "Game of Thrones" prequel aired this past Sunday night, and set the stage for an epic battle with Rhaneyra, Daemon and their allies on one side against the Hightowers.

It was an epic episode, and you can check out Clay's entire breakdown/review of it here.

Now, the preview for episode eight is out, and it looks like there's another time jump coming. Give it a watch below, and then we'll dive into what it might mean.

There are two biggest takeaways in my opinion. First, and I'd argue most importantly, Prince Aemon is substantially older in the preview for episode eight.

When we last saw him in episode seven, he was a small child with one less eye after a scrap with his younger relatives.

He did deliver an all-time great line when he said, "I may have lost an eye, but I gained a dragon." Very badass. In the preview for episode eight he's at least a teenager. He might be even older.

"House of the Dragon" episode eight preview teases multiple clues.

Secondly, King Viserys was nowhere to be seen, and Otto Hightower was making it clear he was speaking for the king and in control as the hand to the king.

If you're on the side of Rhaneyra, Daemon and the Velaryon clan, that's a really bad sign. Remember, the stage is set for that side to do battle against Otto and his daughter Queen Alicent.

Also, is the king very sick? Dead? Being kept from the public? We don't know but we should figure it out this upcoming Sunday night.

Let us know your theories about what's coming in the comments below.

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